BRAVE Jumpstart/Focus


We will use my BRAVE signature system to identify blocks that could be holding you back, figure out what you value most and practical steps to move you forward to brave your brilliance. Included in this package is an energy assessment (Energy Leadership Index) to gain major insight into your current energy levels and how they are working for you currently and how to tap into them for greater success. I want to help you stay out of autopilot, design your what’s next with intention and have fun doing it!

( 9 )  45-minute sessions addressing one transition of your choice.

BRAVE Beyond


Perfect for those that have two transitions happening at the same time OR someone wanting additional support and tools to maintain the momentum and balance during and after the transition. This is ideal for staying accountable and really making your vision a new way of life.

( 18 )  45-minute sessions. Everything included in the BRAVE package plus 3 additional months.

BRAVE Your Adventure

stand-alone or add-on

Is there something exhilarating and a little scary you have been wanting to do? Are you ready to brave your own adventure? It could be anything from cutting your hair off, jumping out of an airplane, getting a tattoo, to trying an intimidating new workout for the first time.  The sky is the limit and it is all about you having fun and building that brave muscle – with support and cheering, of course!  I will be there to coach you during the adventure of choice.  This can be done at any time during the coaching relationship OR as a stand-alone option.

( 1 ) 45-minute coaching session prior to adventure
Coaching/support during adventure of choice AND
( 1 ) 45-minute debrief session after adventure

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Schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery call with me today!

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