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I’ve spent most of my career in the corporate world but always wondered how to integrate my passion for psychology and self-improvement to help others.

After some serious soul searching and a powerful experience in coaching, a light went off, or should I say, a lightning bolt! Coaching changed my life as have major transitions so coupling them to inspire others through the “Oh Shit” moments made perfect sense.  I took the most exciting and terrifying times in my life and made massive improvements in my overall happiness. Now I’m taking that experience to help you make the most of your transition and brave your brilliance!

Official Bio: Marli Overman is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). She completed her training through iPEC, a program certified by the International Coaching Federation. She is a lover of learning new, fun and inspiring ways of living. In her free time, she loves traveling, working out, cooking, spending time with friends/family and her English Bulldog, Annie.

Let me share a bit about what I went through, as I have a feeling you can relate.

My transitions include moving across the country three times, navigating career changes and crying through many relationship endings and beginnings.  

Each transition evoked that “Oh Shit” reaction; fear of the unknown, overwhelm of what to do next, and worrying if things would ever be great again.  I was paralyzed in fear on several occasions rationalizing staying in “I can’t” mode, but there was always that internal voice that kept nagging at me to get up, be brave and take one step towards something!  

Better to make a mistake trying than to regret doing nothing!

My Philosophy

If not now, when?

I’ve consistently arrived at a point where living in that mundane space (i.e. fear) was more detrimental to my character than taking a chance.  I have fallen on my face trying new things, resulting in having to get up, re-evaluate and start all over again.  I have also thrived, and things worked out better than I could’ve imagined.  Whether it was falling or thriving, learning something from each experience has helped me progress a little further and be a little braver each time.

There is no perfect time to be brave.

Am I equipped with something that makes it easier for me to step up?  Most definitely not!  It has been a continuous process of choosing to rise after each experience.  I have never been afraid to call on people to help me overcome what held me back, be it a therapist, friend or coach.  Having the support and guidance to see what you can’t see all the time has been invaluable and is the reason I am where I am today.  I have arrived at a place where I feel more grounded and peaceful than ever before, even when the “Oh Shit” hits the fan.  We all have this capacity within us, it just takes one decision to take a step in designing your future.  


Why wait until there’s no choice? Design “your next” on your terms.

All transitions have a couple things in common – YOU and the UNKNOWN – which sums up life.  Transitions are just a bit more defined and seem bigger and scarier, right?  They are also a perfect time to re-evaluate your life and decide if you are getting what you want out of it.  Let’s shift that “Oh Shit” into a “Hell Yes”.  If you are at the point where you want something more, ready to relinquish the patterns that have kept you unsatisfied and make brave a choice each day to live out the life you deserve, I would love to guide you using my BRAVE signature system or Brave Your Adventure with you.  

Let’s design “your next” with intention!


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