Brave Love

Historically, February has brought up different emotions throughout my years of being single. As the holidays end and the valentine’s hoopla begins, I have felt that “Ugh, I am single again this year” and a sadness about not having someone to celebrate the Hallmark holiday with.

There have also been times where it hasn’t bothered me at all to be single on Valentine’s Day. There’s no pressure or expectations and I can do what I please.  I celebrate myself, spend time with friends, bring bagels to coworkers and just enjoy the sentiment of love and being loving.

I thought about what sets these times apart from each other and what is the elusive appeal of finding love?  And more importantly, what is the answer for those in between times for each of us?

When we fall in love, it feels wonderful because we are in alignment with our true selves and who we are at the core. It brings out our best qualities: excitement, joy, curiosity and openness to possibilities.

What if, until we find that person we are longing for, we lived in that state of curiosity and openness each day?  We have these great qualities in us already!  We attach meeting someone and having a certain connection to bringing those things out in us, but they are always there.  It isn’t magic when a great connection happens, it’s YOU getting in touch with your true state of love.

When we are curious and open to the possibilities, each day brings us opportunities to have more genuine connections and we, as humans, feel filled up.

The more authentic we are embodying the things we’re looking for, the more we enjoy our lives exactly the way they are today.  AND the more we have to offer someone that pops into our life. What are the feelings you cherish most about love and connection?

Mine are the ease of a great conversation, laughter, physical touch and shared experiences. These are all things I can infuse daily: call a friend or family for a chat, hug your pet, watch something funny on YouTube or share a joke with someone, and the list goes on.

The quest for finding love in our lives takes bravery and honesty.  It’s not always easy and sometimes takes an incredible amount of persistence.  If that special someone is something you want in your life, what is a step you are willing to take this month to move in that direction? Where would you like to be next year when it comes to love?  How do you plan to get there?

Until the love of your life comes along, try expressing the qualities you are looking for each day.  When you do this, I am guessing that person will not be able to resist you when they meet you.

 Brave your Brilliance in ❤️!

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