Brave Can’t Wait!

Why?  Because our time isn’t infinite.  That is a concept we all know in our hearts although take for granted on a regular basis.  It is easy to do – getting caught up in our day to day activities and forgetting how truly precious our time on earth is.  Until one day, someone you know suddenly passes away. 

I am writing this after experiencing the death of a colleague who was well last week, then very ill and passed away this week.  She wasn’t someone I knew extremely well but it is a jarring and heartbreaking situation to process.  How can someone be working one week and gone the next? 

Over the last several years, I have experienced many friends passing away, prematurely.  At least what I would define as prematurely, but I am not the authority on such things.  When death happens, it is a sucker punch to the gut and I am always left as shocked as I was the first time I lost someone.  There is that unreal feeling to it and then the opposite very REAL feeling of “oh shit” our life isn’t guaranteed and can be lost in an instant.  

Each loss always triggers a run through of the others that have been lost.  It’s like getting hit over and over with the pain from each one.  

Have you lost someone or known someone that has experienced a serious illness?  You know the shock, pain and grief that follows.  It is awful, confusing and leaves the living feeling a sense of total helplessness.  I am not suggesting skipping over the pain and mourning process. That is important, first and foremost.  However, I am saying to use those hurts as a reminder that life isn’t infinite.  Remember although we cannot change what has happened, we can be brave and live the life we are blessed with TODAY. 

Death is a poignant reminder to get up and seize the time you have! 

No one knows the time we have to to accomplish the things we dream of.  We dilly dally around thinking I’ll do that tomorrow, or next week, or in the new year.  I am guilty of it and get pissed at myself for being aware, knowing how fragile time is and then defaulting back to auto-pilot.  It takes a lot of conscious effort and practice to stay present and motivated to move towards our dreams. 

I often think of the Tim McGraw song, “Live Like You Were Dying” and what a powerful message it has.  When posed with the reality that time isn’t guaranteed, what would you do and what kind of person would you become?

  • If something knocked you flat tomorrow with a lot of time to think, what would you be regretful about not doing yet?
  • What have you been putting off?  A travel dream, dating, buying a home, getting out of a toxic relationship?  What is it?
  • What’s holding you back?

Whether it is a trip you have wanted to take for years, a tough conversation you have been wanting to have, a goal you’ve been procrastinating on, or something new you have wanted to learn for years… What is one, small step you can do each day to move you towards your dreams?

We have today to brave what it is that we want out of life.  It doesn’t have to be a giant step but a little step in the direction of your desires is a great place to start.  Remember the people that don’t have that option any longer.

If you have that nagging feeling that something needs to change in your life but aren’t sure what OR if you’re thinking about a plan for the New Year to help you brave your first steps to something awesome, contact me at to schedule your discovery call.  

I look forward to guiding you to Brave Your Brilliance!